Fontana Omkoi Coffee Single Origin 250g


All Fontana Arabica beans are sourced in partnership with Chiang Mai University Department of Agriculture and Science. Together we have located the best locations to plant sustainably in the Northern provinces of Thailand. These plots are located at more than 1000m above sea level.

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More Information
Coffee Brand Fontana
Package 250g/Box
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Omkoi region is located in the hilly area near Chiang Mai, a province in northern Thailand. Back in the days, Karen population shifted to farming, which caused deforestation. They were also involved in cultivating opium, which increased the forest destruction. King Rama IX developed a project that eventually changed their career. They were encouraged to plant coffee instead, giving the Arabica seeds to start plantation of Thai Arabica under large trees (Agroforestry system). Omkoi district is influenced by rain and high elevations, and a 1000m above sea level is where the Arabica plants thrive.

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